tros-marets, Belgiƫ

Having plenty of time left and with level at 85cm, it was decided to go for a quick blast down the best Belgian creek. What really could happen after the thorough inspection of the day before and with significantly less water? We made quick progress till the gorge but there, Voenkel got caught offguard on the first drop, went down wrong way up, hurt his shoulder and only just managed to re-assemble with his boat at the base of the second drop, no good?. Luckily, Thomas got the paddle out in time and after some scrambling around Voenkel managed to get in his boat again. Only for a short time though as the shoulder was too sore. Gert probably selected the steepest part of the gorge to climb out and after Saturday and Sunday efforts we can now safely state that the tros-Marets gorge should not be considered as an only-one-way-out feature?.. Uneventfull run down to the Saut de Cuves was followed by portage of the remaining section which is way too bony at 85 cm anyhow. Several cracks in Thomas boat further show that Tros-Marets should really not be attempted at anything lower than 85cm.

Felt like roadkill on Monday (probably the same for Voenkel) but what a weekend!

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Tros-marets, klassiek stuk